Holiday advent calendar raffle!

30 Nov 2020

Happy holidays and festivities everyone! Mew, Zawii, and I wanted to put together a little something for our members for over the season as thanks for being awesome. So, we've put together a little advent calendar raffle for each day until the 24th with small in-game items for prizes. The way we've decided to do this is to make a raffle each day using GiveawayBot in the Discord advent calendar channel. Each raffle will be open for 24 hours so that people in different time zones can all participate. The winner of a raffle and the new raffle will be announced around 12am UTC (4pm PST).

In order to enter each daily raffle you will have to click on the reaction button on the GiveawayBot message in the Discord advent calendar channel.

We hope you enjoy!
- Shooble

Starting savage content!

3 Nov 2020

We're starting weekly savage content on Sundays at 10am PDT! There's a final sign up sheet on the Discord server in the Free Company channel. Be sure to sign up if you want to participate!

We need to know how many people are interested and willing to jump in. If there are less than 8 people we may end up putting up a party finder, and if there are more than 8 we will go on a first come basis. Or in the case that we have a ton of people we will split up into two groups and go from there. An entry for the event has also been added to the weekly event calendar. Hope to see you there!

Grouping up for The Copied Factory

21 September 2020

We're looking to put together a group to run The Copied Factory together in the hopes of helping people collect coins and gear and helping people prep for running The Puppet's Bunker. If you're interested please see the planning channel in the Discord server.

Shibiro and Dhaos Eternal Bonding!

1 September 2020

It was a lot of fun! You can find the pictures here.

Shibiro and Dhaos will be doing the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding together! Check the Events page for details.

New events poll is up

1 September 2020

The poll for the new events is up in the planning channel on Discord. Don't forget to vote!

New event planning

31 Aug 2020

Hi everyone! Hope you've been enjoying the treasure hunts and mount farming! A number of you have been suggesting new events to add to the weekly event calendar. Just want to go over them a little bit here for people to see them.

Discussion and planning will be happening in Discord for anyone interested.

Puppet's Bunker

The idea here is to get as many people as possible that are level 80 and have it unlocked to party up and run it each week together and collect tokens. It's a fun raid, and the gear from it may help a bit with the next suggestion.

Savage content

A few people have mentioned that they're interested in getting a group together to gear up for and practice savage content. Ideally we would have a full party of 8 people committed to working on it each week so that everyone can practice comfortably with friends rather than with a pickup group. These runs would also be open to people below level 80, as we could start with older savage content.

Minimum ilvl runs

Another idea was to do minimum ilvl fun runs of regular dungeons. This would be for a party of four of at least level 16.

Diadem party

Someone also brought up the idea for anyone interested in working on crafting and/or gathering in the new season that grouping up and working in the Diadem together would be much more fun than working individually. The Diadem is available to anyone level 60 and above.

Adjusting weekly schedule

The last thing to talk about is timing. With some of us being in distant time zones from one another it would be helpful to know when are reasonable times to schedule things to work best for people.

I hope I've done a good enough job at summarizing your ideas, but if not let me know and I will make corrections. - Shooble

Website 1.0 complete!

25 August 2020

With the major design work finished, and with most of the initial content in place the first incarnation of The Sloppy Sahagin is complete! That being said there may still be some small changes made to the look and feel, and more content will be continually added. There are also some new bits of functionality in the works, so stay tuned!

Hello world!

The online home of The Sloppy Sahagin is under construction! The design is still likely to change and initial content is still being added.