Welcome to The Sloppy Sahagin!

What is a Sahagin and why is it sloppy?

Glad you asked! A Sahagin is a fantastical creature that resembles a humanoid fish. As for sloppy, having been subjected to an over repeated line of dialog using the term and the assuming that a Sahagin may be rather slimy it seemed fitting. Also, we like alliteration.

So then who are The Sloppy Sahagins?

The Sloppy Sahagin is a group of friends who met playing Final Fantasy XIV Online and formed a Free Company together.

Why do you need your own website? Couldn't you just talk in-game or use Discord?

We don't really, and you're right. We could just use the in-game chat or a voice channel. It mostly seemed like a fun side project. Though there may be some potential benefit in event planning, sharing information, and recounting tales.