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Holiday advent calendar raffle!

We are hosting an advent calendar raffle for our free company members! See the Announcements page and Discord advent calendar channel for details!

Welcome to The Sloppy Sahagin!

What is a Sahagin and why is it sloppy?

Glad you asked. A Sahagin is a fantastical creature that resembles a humanoid fish. As for sloppy, having been subjected to an over repeated line of dialog using the term and the assuming that a Sahagin may be rather slimy it seemed fitting. Also, we like alliteration.

So then who are The Sloppy Sahagins?

The Sloppy Sahagin is a group of friends who met playing Final Fantasy XIV Online and formed a Free Company together.

Why do you need your own website? Couldn't you just talk in-game or use Discord?

We don't really, and you're right. We could just use the in-game chat or a voice channel. It mostly seemed like a fun side project. Though there may be some potential benefit in event planning, sharing information, and recounting tales.

Hmm, I play Final Fantasy XIV. Are new people welcome?

Of course! If you play FFXIV, we have a recruitment page on the Lodestone. And if you have a Discord account we have our own Discord server you can temporarily join. If you would like to permanently join, all you have to do is ask one of our moderators to assign you a roll. Looking forward to meeting you!